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What's New in CSIT

  • Editing the Posting Date of a Blog

    Added December 9, 2014
    Where we're going we don't need publish dates!

    Forget to post a blog? Need to post a blog tomorrow today? The web team has you covered. You can now change the publishing date of blogs on the blog tool. Above the text box you can now click a button “Set Post Date”. Send your posts back… to the future!

  • Keyboard Shortcuts!

    Added December 8, 2014
    The Best Keyboard according to the author...

    Keyboard shortcuts are incredibly helpful for work and day-to-day computing. They'll speed you through your tasks by taking the mouse out of the equation for a lot of simple actions. Here are some basic keyboard shortcuts (in parentheses for ) that will help while using our web applications! Select all: CTRL+A (command+A)Copy selected: CTRL+C...

  • Retiring in the Repository

    Added December 8, 2014 has moved to Florida to enjoy the warm weather in its retirement

    Over the past few years, we at CSIT have been retiring the address in favor of the to match with our current branding. We have recently retired the address and this may cause older links to redirect to the Repository homepage. To update any older link simply replace the .org with an .edu in the address.

  • More Spam?!

    Added October 24, 2014
    For the Glory of SPAM!!!

    Too much Spam in your inbox? Not a problem. By setting up one helpful rule in OWA (Outlook Web App) you'll be able to move server-marked spam into a separate folder. Currently, spam is flagged by the mail servers but still delivered to your inbox. Go to and log in with your kerberos LoginID and passphrase. On the top...

  • Collaborative Tools 3!

    Added October 8, 2014
    Collaborative Tools New Logo

    CSIT is pleased to announce we have updated the Collaborative Tools System. "Version 3" provides useful new features while modernizing the critical functions you're already familiar with. New Design - Collaborative Tools now sports a modern clean design with larger fonts for easier reading.  It is also built with several device sizes in...

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