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  • Blog Tags

    Added July 22, 2014
    Add Tags

    Don't forget to add helpful blog tags to your blog posts!  Blog tags are a useful way to group related posts and quickly tell reader what a post is about.  Blog tags are also useful for filtering and searching through your blog.  To add a tag to you blog, type in your tag to the “Add Tags” box above the Save and Review...

  • Site Builder Notifications

    Added July 10, 2014
    Webmaster and Responsible Party

    Missing notifications about your Site Builder site?  It may be that those helpful notifications are being sent to an old or out of date webmaster email!  Be sure to update the webmasters information for your sites.  Make sure that the information is correct and that the person will respond to the actions that generated the...

  • SPAM?

    Added June 27, 2014

    One of the most annoying aspects of the internet is SPAM.  Not the tasty SPAM-musubi type, but unsolicited junk messages sent by robots.  Luckily, we have a tool in the survey system to trick those pesky robots and keep your survey SPAM free.The Survey Spam Block option will require users to enter a short randomly generated code once...

  • Thank you cards

    Added June 18, 2014
    UCANRThankYouCard Seal

    Hi there ANR Toolkit fans!  It's been awhile.  UC ANR Thank you cards are now available.  We placed a bulk printing order so we could get the best price.  These prices include standard shipping.  You'll find the Thank You Cards order form in the Toolkit under Business Cards and Envelopes.  Portal log in is...

  • Collaborative Tools Email Change

    Added May 1, 2014
    New content support specialist Kevin Taniguchi, sad at the thought of rejected email

    We've completed a change to Collaborative Tools that should improve email delivery for the system. Email service providers like Yahoo and Gmail use the DMARC specification to deter the amount of spam delivered to users. In recent weeks, we've seen more emails being flagged as spam or completely rejected. Historically, we've sent emails from the...

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