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What's New in CSIT

  • More Spam?!

    Added October 24, 2014
    For the Glory of SPAM!!!

    Too much Spam in your inbox? Not a problem. By setting up one helpful rule in OWA (Outlook Web App) you'll be able to move server-marked spam into a separate folder. Currently, spam is flagged by the mail servers but still delivered to your inbox. Go to and log in with your kerberos LoginID and passphrase. On the top...

  • Collaborative Tools 3!

    Added October 8, 2014
    Collaborative Tools New Logo

    CSIT is pleased to announce we have updated the Collaborative Tools System. "Version 3" provides useful new features while modernizing the critical functions you're already familiar with. New Design - Collaborative Tools now sports a modern clean design with larger fonts for easier reading.  It is also built with several device sizes in...

  • Checking your UC Davis directory information

    Added September 22, 2014
    Dir UC Davis

    In ANR, we have our contact information located in two places.  One is the ANR directory which is directly tied to your ANR portal and is probably the most familiar location for directory information used by ANR people.  The other is the UC Davis directory.  Since it isn't as widely used, it is possible the information present there...

  • Blog Tags

    Added July 22, 2014
    Add Tags

    Don't forget to add helpful blog tags to your blog posts!  Blog tags are a useful way to group related posts and quickly tell reader what a post is about.  Blog tags are also useful for filtering and searching through your blog.  To add a tag to you blog, type in your tag to the “Add Tags” box above the Save and Review...

  • Site Builder Notifications

    Added July 10, 2014
    Webmaster and Responsible Party

    Missing notifications about your Site Builder site?  It may be that those helpful notifications are being sent to an old or out of date webmaster email!  Be sure to update the webmasters information for your sites.  Make sure that the information is correct and that the person will respond to the actions that generated the...

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