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What are the technical requirements to use Adobe Connect in ANR?



The requirements for Adobe Connect Pro use by ANR faculty and staff are:

Adobe Connect Server Access
To create and host meetings, ANR faculty and staff in the ANR Directory already have accounts on the Adobe Connect server.  Contact your office manager or MSO to add you to the ANR Directory if you do not have Portal access.

Internet Connection
Minimum bandwidth requirement is 56 kb/sec. This type of modem connection is very slow and your participation in an online meeting will lag behind by serveral seconds or more. For a more satisfying experience, a broadband connection is best. Wired is better than wireless in most cases.

Technical Specifications
Adobe provides the hardware and software requirements for your computer to use Connect at this site: Adobe Connect Pro 8 system requirements

You can test your computer at to make sure that your it is set up to run Adobe Connect.  This test will also tell you your Internet connection speed.

Flash Player
You will need at least version 9 of Flash Player. Adobe Flash Player is standard in most browsers. You can find out which version of Flash Player you have at the Adobe Flash website:

Adobe Connect Add-In
The Adobe Connect Add-In allows you to share your screen and upload files to meetings. This add-in needs to be installed the first time you share something in a meeting. The system will prompt you. The add-in is so small it does not require admin rights for installation. Do not manually install the add-in in advance. Let the system detect its need and install it for you. This only needs to be done once for each computer you use for Adobe Connect.

Web Browser

Google Chrome, MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari are compatible with Adobe Connect.  See Technical Specifications above for more details.

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