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How do I get started with Adobe Connect?


To host a meeting or develop online content to share with anyone, you need to be registered as an Adobe Connect user. 

If you are in the ANR Directory, you are already an Adobe Connect host. Go to your ANR Portal. Look near the top of the right column of communication tools. There you will find a link to login (automatically--no password needed). Over 40 tutorials are listed in the Help link.

Adobe Connect does take some practice, so don't expect to conduct a large meeting the week after you first login.  Start small with one or two colleagues and practice your way to proficiency. Only hosts need to be known to the Adobe Connect server.  Participants and Presenters can be anyone you send the meeting URL to--as long as they have a computer, a browser, and an Internet connection.

You do not add participants to the meeting. Simply email or post the URL and they will be able to attend. Only the Host creating the meeting needs to have a username and password to the system. You are logged in automatically through your ANR Portal.


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