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I don’t have a webcam. Can I use a camcorder instead?


Mini-DV camcorders with Firewire output work well with Adobe Connect. If the computer doesn't have a firewire port, a card can be added to a desktop for $20. For a laptop, a PCMCIA card with firewire ports cost a bit more. Newer laptops may have the optional Firewire (a.k.a. IEEE1394) connection built-in.

When plugged in and turned on, the camera is recognized by the computer. On a PC it will use built-in OS drivers. When the camcorder is connected and recognized, open Adobe Connect, enter a meeting, and with a right-click on the Camera pod and choose Settings. There you can select what device to use for camera and microphone. The camcorder should be selected for camera and again for microphone. The camera's audio (microphone) and video will be used. You can select a different mic if you have one plugged-in. To keep the camcorder from turning off after 5 minutes if not running tape, leave the tape compartment open. The camera will remain on for as long as it is powered. On some cameras their is a menu setting that will allow the camera to remain on even if it is not recording. Look under power saver settings. This would apply to many cameras, digital media recorders in particular since there is no tape compartment.

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