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Is Adobe Connect really compatible with all computers?


So far (May 2007), the only hardware problems appear to be with Intel-base Macintosh computers.  Macintosh computers with Intel-based CPUs will experience problems while trying to share a document or their screen via the Adobe Connect Meeting Add-In under Mac OSX (native or Rosetta mode).

When you login to a meeting, the Add-In starts correctly and allows you to participate in a meeting, however, any attempt at sharing your screen, window, or documents results in a "Loading Adobe Connect" window that does not correctly display your desired content, nor will Adobe Connect close the window without user intervention. This problem occurs due to platform incompatibilities with Intel-based Mac vs. PowerPC-based Mac. PowerPC Macs will not experience this issue.  There is no known workaround for this issue currently, and it is hoped this will be addressed in future software updates.

On the software side, there is no Adobe Connect Presenter add-in for Powerpoint available for the Mac OS, so that utility is not available for producing stand alone narrated Powerpoint presentations on Adobe Connect.

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