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Mediasite for ANR

About our lecture capture system

Mediasite by Sonic Foundry is a new tool for ANR to capture, share and distribute information knowledge. Our video production staff uses this technology to capture your presentations with a video camera, the Mediasite recorder, and whatever you display on a computer. With an Internet connection, your presentation can be streamed live. If your presentation originates at a site without an Internet connection, it can be recorded and later uploaded when a connection is available. A link can be provided to your audience for viewing using any computer type with a browser and an Internet connection. 

Mediasite ML Recorder front and side views

The initial equipment investment in this lecture capture system was partially funded centrally by ANR and is offered on a recharge basis to cover the unfunded cost of the system and the professional staff to operate it. The rough estimate is $1,000/day plus travel, if any, for the CSIT producer-director.

This system replaces what typically cost $700 for the day of recording and another week of editing time that brought the project cost to $3,000-$4,000 for the capture of a one-day event.

To schedule CSIT lecture capture services, contact Sr. Producer-Director Ray Lucas.
ANR Mediasite equipment in use

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