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So you want to write an ANR Publication . . .


What should I do if I want to publish through UC ANR Communication Services?


For detailed information, see the web site ANR Peer Review and Publication Production(Portal log-in required.)

Communication Services produces publications and curricula once they have successfully passed ANR peer review. You can find a great deal of information about writing your manuscript and the peer review process at the ANR Peer Review and Publication Production web site. This site is restricted to ANR personnel, so you must have opened your Portal page first.

The major steps in the process of peer review and publication production follow. 

Step 1. Evaluate the idea

Your first step should be to evaluate your idea with the appropriate workgroup or program-coordinating body and the Associate Editor (AE) responsible for the subject matter of the publication. Discuss with your AE the specifics of your idea, whether there is a need for it, what form the publication should take, and whether funding is available for production. Your AE may suggest that you contact Ann Senuta at Communication Services for further information.

Step 2. Determine whether the publication requires by the Communications Advisory Board approval

If your publication will be an electronic publication, it can be approved by the AE.) Continue to Step 5.

If your publication will be one of the following:

  • a printed leaflet or a multi-chapter book
  • a complex curriculum kit with multiple elements

then the publication will require approval by the Communications Advisory Board (CAB) before CS produces it. Continue to Step 3.

Step 3. If CAB approval is needed, you must provide information about the project’s content, desired format and potential market via an online survey for the Communications Advisory Board. The process is explained and link to the survey form is provided here.

Step 4. Submit your manuscript to the Manuscript FastTrack online peer review system. Charts, graphs, and tables must be submitted for peer review, as well as photographs and line drawings that provide important technical content. The latter are submitted as attachments to the document. If you think of possible reviewers for your manuscript, add their names in the Comments field. Lastly, you fill out the basic information about your submission on the accompanying MF-21 form, which accompanies your manuscript through the peer review process. 

Step 5. The Associate Editor manages the peer review.

1)    The AE reads the manuscript and makes an initial assessment as to whether it is ready to be reviewed;

2)    selects reviewers and invites them to the online system;

3)    receives the reviewed manuscript;

4)    summarizes reviewers’ comments and works with you on revisions;

5)    decides whether the finished manuscript is acceptable as an ANR publication;

6)    if pesticides are recommended in the manuscript, the AE sends the manuscript to the Statewide Pesticide Coordinator for review and approval; and

7)    signs the MF-21 form and notifies Communication Services

Step 6. Prepare the manuscript for Communication Services production. Before preparing the manuscript for production at Communication Services, download a copy of Communication Services' Guidelines for Authors. These guidelines provide information about how to format your manuscript, how to prepare photographs and tables, and other details that will make the publication process easier and quicker and result in a better finished product.

Step 7. CS assigns an ANR publication number and produces the publication (or returns it to you for production if you have outside funding). After CS receives the manuscript, CS publications manager Ann Senuta will assign your publication to a project editor, who will work with you directly throughout the publication process.




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