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So you want to write an ANR Publication . . .


Can I have a book-length publication produced through ANR?


For detailed information, see the web site ANR Peer Review and Publication Production (Portal log-in required.)

The Communications Advisory Board (CAB) approves funding for ANR printed publications and books to be produced by Communication Services. (Electronic publications do not have to be proposed to the CAB.)

 To have your proposed publication considered by the CAB, fill out the CS Printed Publication Proposal Form and attach a draft Table of Contents.  This form asks for the following:

  • title of publication,
  • brief description of content,
  • co-authors and their titles,
  • what collaboration or involvement the authors have had with program groups or other individuals in preparing the project,
  • estimate of finished length,
  • number of photos (and any need for color photos),
  • market potential for the book,
  • clientele's need for the information,
  • date when the manuscript will be ready for submittal to the AE.

The information on this form will be used by CS staff to estimate your publication's production costs and potential market. It will also be circulated to the ANR Associate Editors likely to manage the peer review of the manuscript for comment.

The AEs involved will review the proposal and comment on the need for the publication for the Communications Advisory Board. The Board will evaluate the proposal and the AE's comment  and then either approve or deny funding for the project. Ann Senuta will report the CAB's decision to you via email as soon as possible after the Board meeting.

CAB approval at this point is still contingent upon the manuscript's successful peer review.

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