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How can I get photographs for use in an ANR publication?


Black and white photographs are adequate for most printed ANR publications; color photos require color printing, which adds tremendous cost to a publication. However, if you believe it is necessary that your photographs be printed in color to communicate essential information to the reader, you need to explain this in an email to Ann Senuta, CS publications manager, when your peer-reviewed manuscript has been submitted for production. 

Photographs are an integral part of a publication, and their development is best done by the people who know the subject. In general, authors are responsible for providing either useable photos or specific information on where to find useable photos. If you have taken or plan to take photos to accompany your manuscript, please read the downloadable CS Guidelines for Authors for details on how to prepare them for online or printed publications.

But if you cannot photograph your own images, you must provide CS with specific information of where to find appropriate images to illustrate your manuscript. You may have to do a little more digging; look in the CS Repository or other ANR books that may have photos that can be used. It is easy for CS to reuse images from previously published ANR books, but we do need to know exactly which ones to get and where to use them in your publication.

Photos from non UC books can also be used on rare occasions; their use requires advance permission from those publishers, which is also the author's responsibility.


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