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How does peer review work for ANR videos?


The video production staff at Communication Services produce professional-quality ANR videos from scripts that have passed technical peer review.

Information on script preparation and peer review for videos is available to all interested ANR staff. The basic steps for submittal, peer review, and production of slide sets and slide-tape sets are listed below.

Step 1. The client notifies the appropriate ANR Associate Editor (AE) that he or she is planning a video. The AE has the option of refocusing the idea. The AE or a Communication Services staff member provides the client with an Instructional Program Development Plan to help the client shape the project.

Step 2. The client sends a completed Instructional Program Development Plan to a Communication Services video producer/director in advance of their first meeting.

Step 3. The client works on the video's script and its production schedule with a Communication Services video producer/director. Early scheduling is especially important for seasonal subjects.

Step 4. The script -- with descriptions of images -- goes to the AE, who coordinates anonymous peer review.

Step 5. After the reviewers evaluate the outline or script, they return it to the AE.

Step 6. The AE works with the client to ensure that the reviewers' comments and suggestions are incorporated. The AE decides about programmatic acceptance of the script.

Step 7. If the video will recommend pesticide use, the script is sent to the Statewide Pesticide Coordinator for approval.

Step 8. The AE sends the approved script and its MF-21V submittal form to Communication Services so that production can begin. Communication Services assigns an ANR reference number to the video.

Step 9. Communication Services provides script editing, studio and location videography, narration recording, and audio and video editing, with input from the client, to produce a rough cut of the video.

Step 10. The rough cut is sent to the AE, who will either review it or circulate it to the peer reviewers.

Step 11. The AE works with the client to ensure that final review comments and suggestions are incorporated into the video, and then forwards the agreed-upon changes to Communication Services.

Step 12. The Communication Services producer/director completes production of the video.

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