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Asian Citrus Psyllid (png)

Asian Citrus Psyllid

This publication covers the plant hosts, life cycle, crop damage, and pest management information for this pest of citrus and other closely related plants.
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Establishing Hedgerows on Farms in California

Establishing Hedgerows on Farms in California

Hedgerows consist of rows of trees, shrubs, perennial grasses, forbs, rushes, and sedges that surround farm fields. Their many benefits to agricultural landscapes include enhanced weed control, air and water quality protection, soil erosion control, biodiversity, and increased beneficial insect activity (wild bees and predators) that may improve pollination and biocontrol of pests in adjacent crops. Hedgerows may be relics of cleared lands, a result of natural plant dispersal, or established via direct plantings.
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Nuts: Safe Methods for Consumers to Handle, Store, and Enjoy

Nuts are delicious and they are good for you. After an extensive review of nutrition and health studies, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has affirmed that
  • including nuts in a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may help reduce the risk of heart disease
  • almonds, pecans, pistachios, and walnuts contribute to health through their protein, dietary fiber, and unsaturated fat
To enjoy nuts and get the most health benefits, nuts must be handled safely.

  • Proper storage is necessary to keep the oil in nuts from going rancid.
  • Careful handling is needed to prevent nuts from being a source of harmful bacteria.
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Which  devices support our eBooks? The ANR eBooks contain color photos, so we recommend that you use a color reader. We have prepared them in EPUB format, which will work with iOS devices, the Nook, and other devices that use the EPUB format.

Can I view an eBook without a reader device? Yes. Some browsers support EPUB files directly. If your browser does not support EPUBs, you can download a free application from Adobe, Adobe Digital Editions:

How do I add one of these ePubs to my device? For step-by-step instructions, access our eBooks help page. CNET also has a video describing the simple process:

Give us your feedback! If you've downloaded one of our ePubs, tell us how it worked. We'd appreciate it!

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I thought your ePubs looked great on the iPad. What software did you use to create the epubs? Thanks.

Posted by Mark Sumner on January 13, 2011

Reply posted on January 14, 2011

We used InDesign to create these ePubs.  We added a little bit of work to the stylesheet (CSS) but primarily it was done within InDesign.

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