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Are discounts available?

Can I fax or e-mail a credit card order?

Can I make changes to my order after it is submitted?

Can I search inside the book?

Can I use the Web site to place my order and still receive my reseller, UCCE, or author discount?

Do I need cookies to use the site?

How am I refunded for returned items?

How do I download an ANR eBook for my device?

How do I download my ebook for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch?

How do I download my Kindle book

How do I find out about promotions and sales?

How do I make a return?

How do I obtain permission to reprint an excerpt from a publication or to use a photograph or line art from a publication?

How do I return a DVD?

How do I track my order shipped via UPS?

I'd like to use one of your books as a textbook in my class. How can I get a review copy?

I'm having trouble placing my order.

Not finding what you're looking for?

Reading ebooks on Android Tablets & Phones

Reading ebooks on PC & Mac

What is the Golden Trowel?

What is the return policy on study materials for the Department of Pesticide Regulation and Structural Pest Control Board tests?

What methods of payment may I use?

What sort of order confirmation will I get?

Where do you have retail outlets?

Where is your warehouse and fulfillment center?

Why am I getting a warning that your site is not secure?

Will I be charged sales tax?

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