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Communication Services & Information Technology

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Communication Services and Information Technology provides the Division with comprehensive communication support in emerging and traditional media. Staff work at four locations statewide in coordination with a board of Associate Editors (AEs), who individually oversee technical peer review of educational materials, and a Communications Advisory Board (CAB) that provides advice and guidance to the Director of CSIT.

  • CSIT Davis Office
    Director's Office and Business Unit, Publication Production (print and electronic), Digital Media Services (photography, video, and electronic media), Information Service Center (web development and network support), Marketing, California Agriculture Journal, and Pam Kan-Rice of the News and Information Outreach team
  • CSIT Kearney Center Office
    Jeannette Warnert of the News and Information Outreach team
  • CSIT Riverside Office
    News and Information Outreach in Spanish

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