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  • Sharing files with Box instead of the ANR File Vault - How to do things in Box

    Added June 4, 2019

    UPDATE: There will be a Box training webinar taking place on Thursday June 13 at noon. Email for more details. UPDATE 2: Video of the training webinar is available here. In an earlier blog post, we told you that we are preparing to replace the aging ANR File Vault with services provided by In this post, we'd like to show...

  • Important Security Upgrade for Windows 7 and XP

    Added May 31, 2019

    Earlier this month, Microsoft released a security update for computers running older version of Windows (7 and XP primarily). Researchers recently discovered a vulnerability that allows attackers to infiltrate and gain control of un-patched computers. Users of Windows 7 and Windows XP computers should apply the Microsoft security updates...

  • Sharing files with Box instead of the ANR File Vault

    Added May 28, 2019

    Have you heard of Box? You may not know that UC Davis staff, students and faculty are entitled to an account with the cloud file sharing service; this covers most ANR staff. It includes the ability for users without Portal accounts to send files to ANR staff. Because it can do much of what the File Vault can do and so much more, we are...

  • New Designs for your SiteBuilder Site

    Added March 18, 2019

    If you have interacted with the UC ANR homepage recently, you'll have noticed it has undergone a major renovation. Designed to address the evolving needs of UC ANR today and in the future, our new initiative provides the ANR team with the tools to communicate with our audiences in efficient and compelling ways. The UC ANR homepage is just the...

  • How to Set Up OneDrive

    Added February 20, 2019

    We've had some requests for more information on how UC ANR users can set up OneDrive. Please follow these directions, or contact for support.   Open OneDrive from the Start menu -          For Windows PC, you may need to click on the icon in the Notification Area (next to the...

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