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The recommended technology for video conferencing at UC ANR is Zoom. For instructions, please visit our Zoom help page.


ANR Portal

The ANR Portal is the hub for all ANR systems. Using the ANR Portal, you can quickly and easily access any of the useful web applications available. 

In addition to being able to log into any of the ANR systems through the Portal, it also hosts several applications, like the File Vault, PDF Convertor, URL Squisher, Meeting Calendar and more!

If you have any questions about the Portal, please use the UC ANR Help system.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect delivers high-impact online communications that everyone can access instantly. Connect lets users easily share engaging multimedia communications in real-time meetings or through narrated on-demand presentations that can be viewed anytime. And, because content is created using familiar office productivity tools, anyone can use Connect to communicate more effectively over the web.

Why should I use Adobe Connect? You can save a lot of travel time and expense. Adobe Connect is free to use for ANR staff and faculty and has proven to be remarkably reliable.  Anyone can participate in a Adobe Connect meeting. Only the Host needs to be part of the Adobe Connect system to setup a meeting. You can invite anyone with a computer and Internet connection to join you. The only software needed is a browser.

The UCD Adobe Connect Enterprise Server supports Adobe Connect meetings, presentations, and training. The events and seminar features are not part of the UCD Adobe Connect system.



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