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How do I get a UC Davis email account?


Currently, all UCCE county email accounts are kept on the UC Davis campus computer system. The Davis campus prefers to have the email accounts for individual employees, rather than having one account for an entire county office, for instance. We encourage you to get your own individual email account. The account is free of charge.

Employees on the UC Davis Payroll

UC Davis employees (as opposed to county employees) will set up their email accounts themselves. The account can be set up soon after the payroll forms are submitted. This may take anywhere from one day to one week after their payroll information is sent in.

Setting up an email account with UCD is very simple. Here is the list of steps to follow in order to set up the account.

  1. Open your web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc).
  2. Go to the UCD Computing Account Services site, (At this point, if you need any help you can click on the "FAQ" and "How do I...?" links at the top of the page for help answering any questions you may have.)
  3. The first option in the upper left of the page is, "Get your UC Davis Computing Account." Check this option and then click the "Begin" button in the lower right corner of the page.
  4. On the next page enter your personal information EXACTLY as it appears on your payroll forms. (Note: For the field of "Student/Employee ID #" you can also use your social security number.)
  5. You will be guided through a series of pages. Simply follow the instructions and be sure to WRITE DOWN the information you receive: your loginID/username (e.g., "zawillia"), your mailID/email address (e.g., ""), your mailserver (""), and your passphrase (e.g., "I love fresh fruit!").
  6. The final page in the series will show you your account information. All you need to do then is click on the button that says "Activate Account."
  7. After the process is complete it will take one day before the account is activated. At that point you can put your new email account settings into your email program (e.g., Eudora, Netscape, or Outlook).
  8. If your office is using Microsoft Exchange (ask your Office Manager if this is the case) please send an email to Damon DiPietro (, Lora Schroeder (, or Paul Wilson (  to request an Exchange mailbox.  They will respond within a few days once the mailbox is created and then help set up Microsoft Outlook for using Exchange.

Employees NOT on the UC Davis Payroll

UCCE employees who are not on the UC Davis payroll (e.g., county employees) will need to fill out an online form, "Request eMail Account." To get to the form, ask your office manager or directory administrator to log in to their ANR Portal and click on “Edit Info" link (below their specific unit in the middle column of the Portal). This will take them to the Unit Directory Editing Tools - Staff List page, where they can click the “Request eMail Account” link on the green bar to open the form. Once there, you can fill in the form and click the "Submit Form" button.

The following day, the employee will complete steps 1 through 8 (above) to create their account.

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