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Is it possible to create a general Master Gardener email account?



You can get a Master Gardener email account for a county office, even though master gardeners aren't employees. The email address is of the form It can be used for example, on a web site for people to direct questions to the master gardeners. The employee responsible for master gardeners in the county is the person who would petition for the account and be accountable for it. Information on how to get the account is listed below.



Petition for Ownership of UCD Departmental Computing Account For the Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Program (Please Print Clearly)

Petitioner's name:


Employee ID#:


University of California, Cooperative Extension Estimated number of users:


Departmental Account Owner's Agreement

In some unique instances, a campus department may have special needs where available alternatives are not adequate. To accommodate cases where other options such as mailing lists and newsgroups have been explored and don't meet a department's specific needs, I.T. may authorize a departmental (shared) account. Departmental accounts have a higher security risk associated with them due to shared passwords. To decrease account security risk, Information Technology assigns the ownership and use of a computer account to one individual.

Petitioner Requirements: Before a departmental account can be created the petitioner must agree to the following conditions: The petitioner will be the owner of the account, ("account owner" or "owner") and will be responsible for its use and maintenance. He or she will also be the contact person for any issues that might arise from the account's use. The owner assumes responsibility for any apparent abuse of the account. Departmental accounts are subject to the Computer and Network Use Policy: and UCDavis Email Policy: The Email Policies for Master Gardeners has been read and understood. The Accounts Administrator must be notified immediately if an account owner terminates his association with the department for which the account is registered so that a new owner may be given custody. -------------------------------------------------------------------------

NOTE: Pamela Geisel <> and Claudia Myers <> will be acting as proxies for this program. -------------------------------------------------------------------------

The owner will be responsible for changing and re-issuing the password whenever an individual using the account leaves the group among which it is shared. Upon request the owner must be able to provide to the Accounts Administrator a list of users who have access to the account. The account will be used strictly for University business and only by the UCD department for which it is issued. Under no condition will the account be used for personal use. Under no circumstances will the account be made available to anyone who is not an employee of the assigned department. Failure to comply with any of the above will result in suspension of the account without notification.

Completed Petition:

Please print out the completed petition once it is filled out completely and fax or send to:

Pamela Geisel

UC Statewide Coordinator, Master Gardener Program

P.O. Box 697

Orland, CA 95963

(530) 865-1154

FAX (530) 865-1109

Pamela Geisel will then forward the completed petition to the IT Accounts office for processing. Once the account has been created both the petitioner and Pamela Geisel will be notified via email. The completed petition will be kept on file by the IT Accounts administration office. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

I agree to abide by the terms and conditions stated above, to take responsibility for the activity on this account and to ensure its security. Petitioner's signature:_________________________________Date:__________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Departmental Account Eligibility Questionnaire Please answer the question below. 1) In detail describe how your group will use the departmental account.

Petitioner's signature:


Print Full Name of Petitioner:

Dept: Master Gardener's Program - Cooperative Extension Approved by: __________________________

Date: ______________________

Pamela Geisel (Revised June 2001 for the Master Gardener's Program use only) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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