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Keeping Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office Secure

Windows computers should be set up for Windows Update through the Automatic Updates Control Panel. But there is something even better, and that is Microsoft Update. You should switch your computer to Microsoft Update if it hasn’t been done already.
What it is -- Windows Update scans your computer for outdated and vulnerable operating system files and fixes security holes. However, Windows isn't the only thing that is vulnerable. Microsoft Update not only does everything Windows Update does but it also takes care of all the other Microsoft software on your computer, like Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet Explorer, etc.
How to do it – go to:
If you already are set up to use Microsoft Update the Microsoft Update page will appear. If you aren’t, the page will say, “Try Microsoft Update today”. Just  click the Start Now button and follow the directions, which will prompt you to review a license agreement, install an ActiveX control, and check for updates.
When you first do this choose the “custom” button rather than the “express” button and install everything that appears so you will get service packs and fixes in addition to security updates.
This does not apply to -- Vista computers (they automatically use Microsoft Update), Macintosh computer, and computers in offices where we have set up the ANR Desktop Security Project (because it is already done).
More Information -- More detailed instructions can be found on the Microsoft website. It covers Vista computer first but scroll down and you will see instructions for Windows 2000 and XP machines:

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