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How to configure Identity Finder for desktop computers

  • Install Identity Finder by downloading and running the  IdentityFinderEnterpriseSetup.exe file.
  • Double-click the Identity Finder icon on your desktop to launch the program after it is installed.
  • Choose the Skip Wizard and use Advanced Mode option
  • Click the Finish button
  • Do not update the identity Finder program if a dialogue box appears saying there is a new version of Identity Finder available
  • Do update the Identity Finder definitions if a dialogue box appears saying the definitions are out of date
  • Click the What to Search for tab and select the types of information you want to search for.
    • We recomend Social Security, Credit Card, Password, and Bank Account
  • Click the Where to Search tab and select My Computer from the File Locations
    • Make certain Files, Compressed Files, Messages, Attachments, and Hidden Web Data are all selected
  • Click on the Tools and Options tab and click theSettings button
    • In the Popular section check the box for Give other programs priority over Identity Finder
    • In the File Search section uncheck the box for When searching "My Computer" , include mapped network drives
    • Hit Ok to the box that appears saying a restart of Identity Finder is required
    • In the E-Mail Search section check the box for Search remote mail folders
    • In the Scheduling section select Schedule Identity Finder using your configuration and click the Configure button
      • In the Task Schedule window select Monthly from the Schedule Task dropdown and change the Start Time to 12:00 PM
      • Select The first Monday of the month(s)
      • Click the Select Months button and choose March and October
      • Click OK
      • Click Set Password and enter your computer login name and password and click OK
      • Click OK
    • While still under Scheduling Identity Finder to Run Automatically, Click the Copy button in Replace all settings below with current configuration
    • Click OK
  • Quit from Identity Finder
  • Double-click the Identity Finder icon on your desktop select Continue in Wizard Mode and click the Next button
  • Click the Next button five times then click Finish to start scan


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