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Can I still use Eudora?


Qualcomm, the company that formally developed and sold Eudora, stopped developing or providing technical support for Eudora as of May 1st, 2007. Unsupported products raise security concerns and UC IT security policies forbid the use of software for which security patches are not made available. If vulnerabilities are found in the unsupported product it is uncertain if or when a security update will be released. Versions 7.1 and below are vulnerable software programs because Qualcomm is no longer releasing security updates.

That said, there is an effort to convert Eudora to a free Mozilla program called Penelope. The latest  release of the Eudora/Penelope program is beta version 8.0.0b5. You can download it at the following website:
We are not familiar with it and don’t support it in our unit, nor does the campus. So if you want to use it you are on your own.
We recommend commercially-supported email clients, such as Microsoft's Outlook and Apple Mail, or community-supported email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird.

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