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Email account termination

For employees on the UCD payroll there is an automatic email account termination in 60 to 90 days upon separation from service. They will receive automated emails informing them of this.
For a county employee with a UCD email, you should let Damon Dipietro,, know about the separation so he can take them out of our database feed, which will then trigger the same scenario as above.
Often departments will ask the individual separating to put an "out of office" notice sometimes called a “vacation message” on their email saying they are no longer with the University  and who to contact instead. The individual still gets their email, it is just that people who send messages to it will see the "out of office" message reply. This can be particularly helpful for people who have a lot of outside contact.
To do this they should visit the following site:
Individuals can cancel their accounts immediately if they wish using the following form:
If the department needs to cancel an account right away, it can be done for staff using the following form:

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