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Remote Desktop - Mac to PC


  1. Request user ID and password from the ANR Portal, but do NOT download the VPN client.  The VPN client on the ANR Portal is for PCs only.  Instead, send an email to James at with a title of "VPN Client for MAC", and put down your OS version (e.g. OS 10.3 or OS 10.5) in the body of the email.
  2. Do steps 1 (to enable Remote Desktop) and 2 (to find IP address) as described in this link to setup your computer at work.
  3. Download and install Remote Desktop Connection Client for MAC if you do not already have that on your home MAC.  You will have to copy and paste the link below into the URL bar of a web browser, and it will take you to the page where you can download the RDC client.
  4. Setup VPN Client on your MAC at home: 
  • You will receive an Email with a VPN Client and a PCF file for your MAC. Download and install the VPN Client.
  • You will find the VPN Client Application in the Applications Directory.  Run it.
  • Click the Import Button and select the PCF file that was attached to the email to import the VPN connection entry.
  1. To connect to your computer at work: 
  • Open VPN Client and click the Connect button
  • Enter the user name and password you obtained from the ANR Portal when prompted
  • Open Remote Desktop Connection Client
  • Put in the IP address of your work computer and the VNC password you setup earlier to login

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