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Archiving and Storage of Your Data

Your data is valuable- at times, irreplaceable.  It needs to be saved securely, and in some cases archived long-term.  ANR CSIT can offer you 3 different services in order to save your research data.

The ANR Repository. If your data is sharable with your colleagues, you may want to upload the information to the ANR Repository.  The Repository itself is backed up many different times, saved on servers in multiple locations.  This is a very good place to store data you don't want lost, and it is immediately shared with all of ANR.  You can also share this information with the public if desired. You will need to ZIP your data into a single file to be uploaded into the Repository.  This is not an optimal situation for long-term preservation of your data.

Removable media storage. ANR CSIT can store your removable media (USB key/DVD) providing an off-site backup.  We will store this media at our Richmond warehouse.  (This provides a legitimate off-site backup even for Davis campus personnel.)  This would be your copy of last resort, as it will take a few days to ship the media back to you in case you need it.  But for peace of mind during a wide-spread natural disaster, this is a very good option.

ANR Archive Project. For data that absolutely, positively must survive into the foreseeable future, you can have your data added to the ANR Archive Project.  This data will be stored on 3 separate servers, upgraded constantly, checked and re-checked.  This is off-line data, and it may take a while to get it back to you- but it will always be available.

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