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Geek Squad

The Geek Squad Desktop Support Program is a yearlong pilot program that contracts out Best Buy’s technical support, known as the Geek Squad, to provide on-site computer/printer/network assistance in a variety of areas. These include but are not limited to:

  • Computer hardware problems such as failing hard disks and other failing devices
  • Connection issues between computers and other devices such as printers
  • Operating system services including diagnosis and repair
  • Virus and malware detection and cleanup
  • General computer hardware/software issues not relating to UC Davis or UC ANR systems

We have pre-purchased Geek Squad service hours, so any costs outside of purchasing new hardware/software are covered in this program. In the past, ANR employees have taken their computers to a local repair shop for service and repair. Now we are providing this pilot program as an alternative so that individuals need not be financially responsible for their work computer repairs.

Once ANR CSIT opens a repair ticket with the Geek Squad, one of their technicians will be in contact with the person needing the service and will schedule an appointment for an on-site service call. The time between the ticket opening and the technician’s arrival depends on the location and the availability of Geek Squad agents, but on average it seems to be between 2 days and 5 days.

As this is a pilot program, we are very interested in any feedback, both positive and negative. There will be a survey for you to fill out after the ticket is resolved so we can assess the value of this program to the Division.

For service through this program, please contact one of the following members of ANR CSIT who will schedule a Geek Squad service call:

  • Damon DiPietro (530) 754-3920
  • Ryan Brown (530) 754-3914
  • Lora Schroeder (530) 754-3938
  • Paul Wilson (530) 754-3942

Currently, Geek Squad has visited about 10 ANR locations for service calls and the responses have been mostly positive, both with the response time and with a satisfied resolution of the issue.

If you have any questions about this pilot program, please contact Damon DiPietro (530) 754-3920.

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