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Application Inventory

4-H Financial Reporting System

4-H Units (clubs and councils) use the Financial System to record monthly income and expenses on their bank accounts, and to record major inventory items.

4-H Online Record Book - ORB

4-H Record Books give members an opportunity to reflect on their yearly work. They document their skill development and their learning experiences in a written report. 4-H members measure their achievements and growth in their total years in 4-H.

Academic Profile

The Academic Profile System allows ANR academics to input education information, bibliographic data, taxonomy categories and more. The APS populates other applications, such as the Academic Review System and the ANR Directory.

Academic Program Review System

The APR system allows personnel and administrators an online location for the submission and review of academic programs.

ANR Catalog

The online catalog of ANR publications. Includes free publications, ebooks and paid publications.


This project aims to digitize academic bibliographies and integrate them with other ANR web services.


ANR Blogs Goal is to provide a simple, easy to use solution for communicating to the Public. For each Blog a central theme is chosen. The topic may be broad or a narrow. A Blog mainly consists of individual dated posts. These posts communicate to the audience by providing content for the audience. Many different types of media may be used in a blog post including text, images, audio, and video. Blogs may also include some pages to help describe the blog or provide additional information to the readers. These pages become available through a menu and are separate from the post list. The Post list is presented in reverse chronological order with the most recent post at the top.

California Agriculture Online

California Agriculture is a peer-reviewed journal reporting research, reviews and news from the University of California and its  Agriculture and Natural Resources division.

Collaborative Tools

Collaborative Tools is a simple way to create a group specific to a project or topic and maintain a tight focus. It's very simple to create a new group, simply follow the prompts after clicking "Create New Group".  You must be an ANR employee to create new discussion groups. If you are not, you can contact your group owner or program coordinator and request he or she create the group, and ask to be added (this will require you to create a Portal account for access). Once in your group, click "Add New Subject" to create a brand new discussion in the group. You can also enter an existing discussion and click "Add to Discussion" to add your message.

CPS Grants

Center for Produce Safety Grant System is used to manage grant applications for the Center for Produce Safety.


Crop Manage was designed to help farmers to use minimal amounts of Nitrogen and water. The system is designed to help the farmer make informed decision and offer recommendations for watering times and Fertilizer amounts.Crop Manage uses CIMIS weather station data to perform calculations for the estimated needs of each crop.


DANRIS-X enables ANR academics to more fully document their activities and impacts and to record, in one place, information needed for several purposes -- including CE advisor Program Reviews and annual assessments as well as county, state and federal reports.


Online database creation utility embedded in Site Builder.


The ANR Directory is a "one stop shop" for the ANR Employee's. The Directory gives Employee's a single point to enter public and private information. Many other sites refer to the ANR Directory for user control and user access. Combined with the ANR Portal this allows employees a single login for all things they may be involved in with ANR.The ANR Directory is self-managed and allows employees to enter as much or as little information about themselves as needed.Most People know the ANR Directory as the ANR Portal. The both are closely related.The Academic Directory is included within the ANR Directory. This information is private and directly ties to information which Academics may need to include on reports, reviews, and other places.

Donation Management

Electronic Personnel Files

The Electronic Personnel File system seeks to the replace filing cabinets as ANR's repository of personnel documents. All documents are scanned using a fast, double-sided scanner and then uploaded using a simple web interface.

FAQ System

The FAQ system is a simple way to add collected, related content to a website with a familiar question and answer format. Once your FAQ is entered into the system, you can either add it to a Site Builder site using the asset available, or you can add your FAQ to any site using an iFrame.


The ANR File Vault allows you to store and send files to anyone with an email address. You can create file groups, convert files to PDFs and manipulate images with this system. You can also upload and extract zip files and create zip files out of groups.

Flux Tower Management

Flux Tower management and data management.

Grant Tracking

The ANR Grant Tracking System allows division personnel to submit a proposal directly to the Contracts and Grants office using a web interface. Once a proposal is submitted, personnel can monitor the progress of the proposal as C&G staff review it. 

Internal Notification System

The purpose of this system is to provide a single feed of important information within the Division.  This feed will contain news that is important to everyone, as well as news targeted to individuals based on either their roles within their unit or the interests they have identified within the Taxonomy system.

Mailing List

For keeping supporters in the loop.  Features full integration with Site Builder.

National Grape Registry

The National Grape Registry (NGR) contains information about varieties of wine, juice, and table grapes, raisins, and grape rootstocks available in the United States. Growers, nurseries, winemakers and researchers can find background information and source contacts for those grape varieties in this single convenient location.


NeueCOW is a workgroup management tool.


The ANR Portal is a central location providing a simple yet secure way to access important systems and website administration with only one username and password.

Project Board

The ANR Job Board allows for the publishing of internal academic and administrative staff positions to the Site Builder content management system. There are two components of the Job Board, the administration and display.


RECManage is an administrative project for streamlining processes in the REC's.

Release Form System

Allows for the acquisition and storage of digital signatures.


The Repository is a searchable online storage system for the archiving and sharing of images, videos and other electronic documents into collections that can be shared with colleagues, used for presentations, and media assets for ANR CMS systems.

Site Builder

Site Builder 3.0 is a complete, Content Management System (CMS) created by the Web Action Team. It is a full featured tool for creating websites without needing to know the technical side of creating websites.

Surveys/Credit Cards

The Survey system has been designed to perform two specific functions, acquire information and collect credit card payments. It is available to UC ANR staff and can be setup and deployed within minutes. Setting up Credit Card payments does involve a bit more setup time to ensure proper accounting measures.


The Taxonomy and Personnel System (TPS) can be thought of as a hub between other systems. Connected primarily with the ANR Directory, the TPS can extract data from any other ANR web application along with several other UC databases.


A virtual help desk where division personnel can get assistance with IT or web related needs. 

UC Delivers

UC Delivers is a collection of examples showing how ANR is making a difference for Californians. The UC Delivers application allows ANR personnel to create, edit and seek approval for these examples.

Universal Review System

The Universal Review System allows anyone in ANR to create a review process. The following elements are currently available:

URL Tools (The Squisher)

The Squisher is a method to allow you to shorten URLs to something that will be easier to communicate to others.

Viticulture Grants

Provide grant management support for Viticulture grants.

Volunteer Management System (VMS)

The Volunteer Management System offers a variety of tools for marking volunteer progress in the several unique programs.

Weather Systems / Calculators

Cumulative Chilling Hours Model

Web Reports

Online collection of data from various ANR applications.


Water conservation is an essential consideration in the design and management of California landscapes. Effective strategies that increase water use efficiency must be identified and implemented. One key strategy to increase efficiency is matching water supply to plant needs. By supplying only the amount of water needed to maintain landscape health and appearance, unnecessary applications that exceed plant needs can be avoided. Doing so, however, requires some knowledge of plant water needs.
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