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Section 1: Getting In and Checking It Out

View Section One Video
View Section One Video

The Text Below is a rough transcript of the training video.

To enter Collaborative Tools, open your browser of choice. There are two ways to get to Collaborative Tools, through the ANR Portal directly to the system. The ANR Portal is located at

If you do not use the ANR Portal, go to

After logging into the ANR Portal, select the group you would like to participate in. If you do not have any groups listed on your Portal, the link to Collaborative Tools will be in the right column under Useful Tools.

If you are logging in without the Portal, you will come to a login page for Collaborative Tools. This is our new Universal Login page. Not only does it log you into Collaborative Tools, it also logs you into the ANR Portal.

For those of you who have not accessed the ANR Portal, after you log into Collaborative Tools, you will find a link to go to it and use other ANR web tools.

After logging into Collaborative Tools, you can visit your home page at any time. This page allows you to create new discussion groups, go directly to existing discussion groups, manage your profile, and return to the ANR Portal.

You can also view the entire list of Collaborative Tools groups. We recommend doing this before creating a group that may already exist.

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