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Section 2: Creating a Group and Adding Members

Section 2 Screen Shot
The Text Below is a rough transcript of the training video.

To create a group in Collaborative Tools, click "home" and then click "create new group." Only ANR personnel have the ability to create new groups. If you are not part of ANR but would like to create a group, contact someone you know who is in ANR and ask for their assistance creating a new group.

On the group create page, you will be asked to give the group a name and a brief, optional description. Click "Create group and add members" to begin.

You will begin at the "edit roster page," and you will see your name on the list of members. Each time a discussion is created or contributed to, an email is dispatched to each member. If you create discussions prior to creating your roster, emails will not be delivered retroactively. Therefore, you should consider adding members prior to adding discussion topics.

To add a member, click "add members."

You can customize the message that a member will receive with the invitation.

You can add email addresses directly into the add email address box. Or if you are part of ANR or another Collaborative Tools group you can generate lists automatically.

You'll be able to generate a list from the ANR directory, from ANR Workgroups or from another Collaborative Tools group you are a member of.

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