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Section 4: Adding New Subjects and Messages

Section 4 Screen Grab
The Text Below is a rough transcript of the training video.

Adding new messages is the most important function of Collaborative Tools. To begin a new discussion subject, click the "Add a New Discussion Subject" button.

Fill out the form, and be sure to complete the required fields. Add any documents or photos to the subject message. Save it.

The subject has been added to the group, and emails have been delivered to all members!

To add a message to a discussion subject that already exists, click into the subject and then click the "Add to discussion" button.

Complete the form, which is very similar to other one, and save your message. It is now posted, and emails have been delivered to the group's members.

You cannot edit a message once it is posted; however, moderators can delete individual messages from a discussion. Moderators can also give specific messages heightened importance by clicking the thumbtack next to the subject's name.

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