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Section 5: Emails

Section 5 Screen Grab
The Text Below is a rough transcript of the training video.

Collaborative Tools uses email to connect the members of your group. Each time a message is saved, emails are delivered to your members.

If the user has already logged into the ANR Portal or Collaborative Tools, the emails with return links will give them one-click access into the group. If no log on is found, the user will be momentarily stopped and asked for a username and password. Once successfully logged in, they will be routed to the page initially requested.

There are three basic types of emails that will come from Collaborative Tools, and a couple of ways your group members can manage them.

The invitation email contains the text you enter prior to adding your members to the roster as well as a link that will bring the new member directly to your main list of messages.

The new message email is delivered every time a new subject is created or a message is added to a subject. It contains the text from the message, an indication if there are documents associated with the message, and two links back to Collaborative Tools. One link goes to the message in Collaborative Tools, and the other link goes directly to a form so the member can respond to the message.

Collaborative Tools also has a generic email feature. It allows you to send an email to your group without recording it in the list of subjects.
Members can manage the receipt of emails in two ways, either by unsubscribing to individual subjects, or turning off emails for the entire group.

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