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Section 6: Editing Your Group

Section 6 Screen Grab
The Text Below is a rough transcript of the training video.

Collaborative Tools allows you to manage categories within your discussion group, archive messages and change the initial settings of your group.

"Edit group" is only available to administrators of the group. Click on edit group, and you will see your groups initial properties and a list of your current categories.

To update your group's name or description, simply type into the fields provided and click "update information." Owners of groups will also see a "Delete Group" button here. This will remove the entire group from the system.

Categories allow you to manage your discussion group and archive old messages. If this is a new group, and you have a sense of how it will develop, consider creating categories right away. Members will be able to select from the list of categories when creating their messages.

Type in your category name and click "add category." Once the category is saved, you can move it up and down on the list using the sort arrows. If you already have messages in your group, you can scroll down the page and move them into different categories.

You can also edit or delete a category. Deleting a category that is not archived will only delete the category name and move all of the messages into the "General" category.

To archive a category, click archive. The messages will no longer display on the main page but they can still be accessed. Archived categories can be deleted from the system. Deleting archived categories deletes all of the contents as well!

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