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Section 7: Posting Documents

Section 7 Screen Grab
The Text Below is a rough transcript of the training video.

Collaborative Tools features a file management system, allowing you to store documents for your group and track versions of documents as they are developed. The file system does NOT automatically send emails when documents are uploaded. You must create a message to alert your group members  that the files are uploaded if you want to let them know!

Click "Documents" to enter the file management system. You have three main options: Start Document Group, Upload Batch of Files to Document Group and Start New File Version Group.

Click 'Start Document Group' to upload general files to your group. You will need to name the group, the file, and find the file on your computer to begin.

Once the group is created, you can continue to add files to it, edit the group name, or delete the group.

Click 'Upload Batch of Files to Document Group' to upload many files at once. You must upload a zip file with your documents to use the batch uploader.

Collaborative Tools will expand your zip file and import all of the documents and images inside of it. It use the original name of the file, so be sure to name all of your documents accurately prior to uploading the zip file.

Click 'Start New File Version Group' to begin a new version group. The version groups will track different versions of the same document as you develop it. This is useful for authors contributing to a single article and administrators developing division documents.

Once you've uploaded the initial version, you will be able to upload new versions of the document.

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