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General Collaborative Tool Navigation Terms

General Collaborative Tool Navigation Terms

This page is a simple explanation of the navigation items you'll find in Collaborative Tools.

Discussion - Collaborative Tools is primarily an online discussion tool. It was developed to allow private groups to communicate online and archive discussion topics. Any single discussion thread starts with a subject. This is the topic that dictates the discussion to follow. When creating a new discussion subject, you will be creating a brand new thread. Alternatly, you can add to a discussion, which will place your comment in your current discussion thread.

Documents - You can store documents on Collaborative Tools either in groups or with version control. The version control allows you to build on a single document, such as the creation of a research paper or administrative handbook.

Calendar - Collaborative Tools features calendar and event planning features. You can assess the availability of your group members using the planning tool and then create an event based on the plan.

Tasks - This project management tool allows you to use Collaborative Tools to create and manage the details of any project. You can assign duties and timelines.

Members - Collaborative Tools is a private, secure system that allows you to invite anyone you like to your group for discussions. Every new member is given an account when invited to the group, if they do not already possess one. Group members must log into the system in order to participate. Any member can be made an administrator of the group, which allows access to discussion moderation, event creation and other features.

Edit Roster (admin only) - This section allows you to invite new members to your group and manage the current list of members. You can edit the invitation message, assign administrative rights and remove members in this area.

Edit Group (admin only) - The group editor allows you to create different categories for your discussions and manage a few properties for the group.

If you have any questions about Collaborative Tools, please contact Dave Krause.

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