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Main Page

The main page of the mailing list system gives you access to everything you need in order to manage your lists.

Start E-Mail List - You can become the owner of as many lists as you want to create.

Join/View Other lists - Many other lists in the division will allow ANR affiliates to join the list.  Once on the list you will be able to see the entire history of messages sent out to the list.

Lists You Own - if you have created a list, it will be displayed here.  You have 4 options from the main menu.  Clicking on the list name will let you edit the information about the list, add owners, etc.  Clicking on the word 'Subscribers' allows you to add/remove subscribers to the list.  Clicking 'Create Msg' allows you to start a new message for the list.

Standard Lists - These lists are automatically kept up to date. Anyone in ANR can send a message to these lists.

Lists you are on - these are the lists you are part of, but do not own.  There are options to unsubscribe, view the message history, and if available, create a new message.

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