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Managing Subscribers

The ANR Portal Mailing Lists system has two ways to easily add people to your subscriber list. 

  • Using the Box
  • Using the Directory



Using the Box

It is important to note that you can add ANY text to the box, and ONLY the e-mail addresses will be processed.  So feel free to cut and paste any junk you find and add it to this box.   These do not have to be ANR or UC addresses.  You can add anyone to your list.

Also, if someone is already on the list they will not be added again, so once again- be liberal with the text you add.  Everything will be sorted out correctly.


The results of the additions will be displayed after clicking 'Add to List'.  Only valid e-mail addresses will be added.  If the contact is in the ANR Directory, the system will bring in their name and other important information.  Also, they will be able to see all of the lists they are subscribed to.

At the top of the page is a 'Return to Subscriber List' link.  Click that to see who is now on your list.


Using the Directory

A quick way to create a list of people who are ANR affiliates is to use the directory search available on the subscribers page.


Using this feature, you can enter a combination of Unit, Title/Specialty and Advisors/Specialists/AES.  When specify the criteria and click 'generate list' you will see a list of matches.


When you get the results, you can un-check the box next to any name you want to add.

The most important thing to know is that you can combine any number of searches, or manual additions as you like.  The subscriber list can be added to at any time.



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