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Message History and Moderated Messages

Every message sent in the ANR Portal mailing lists system is archived.  Any ANR members of the list can view the archive at any time.  This is very convenient when new members are added to the list and they would like to see the activity so far.

Also, some lists are moderated, meaning that the owner of the list must approve the message before it is sent out.

Message History

From the main menu of the Mailing List system, you can access the entire message history for a mailing list.  E-mails are never discarded, and they are always available for everyone on the list who has Portal access.



Clicking on the date of the last message will bring up the history- here is a sample:



Moderated Messages

If you are the list owner, you have the option to put your list in moderated mode.  This will allow anyone on the list to submit a letter, but the owner must approve it before it is sent to the list.  When someone has submitted a letter to be sent, you will see the 'Msg Pending' option in the history column.

Clicking on 'Msg History' will bring up the message history as above



Below is an example of a message that is awaiting the owner's approval.  In order to send the message, click on the 'You can edit the message and send it' link.  This will give you the option to make changes, then send the message.  The message will go out under the original sender's e-mail address.

If the message is not appropriate for your mail list, you have the option to delete the message.


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