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Sending a message

Sending a Message

Messages must be sent out via the ANR Portal.   This ensures that only authorized individuals may sent out a message.  Each list has different options on who can send a message.  But assuming you do have the option, here are the steps to take.  First, from the main menu, click on the 'Create Msg' link in the appropriate row for your mailing list.  If you do not have a 'Create Msg' link in the row you want to send a message to, you do not have rights to send mail to that list.



The message editing screen offers 3 areas to modify:

  • Subject:  This will simply be the subject line to the e-mail.  it will also be displayed in the message history for this list.
  • The large box is the message text.  Enter any text you have for this message.  There is an editor available to format your message.
  • Attach Files: you can add as many files as you would like to the message.  All files will be sent as attachments.  Be careful though, many people have limited space in their mailbox- if your attachments are too large they will not receive the message.  If you have large files it is recommended that you add them to a website, and just send the link.

Click 'review message before sending' to take the next step in the process of sending a message.



After clicking the 'Review Message...' button, you will see the message in it's entirety.  This includes the 'To', 'From', 'Subject', message text, and finally any attached files.

At this point you have two options:

  • Edit This Message - This allows you to go back to the editing screen (shown above) and made changes.  You can go back and forth between editing and reviewing as many times as you would like
  • Send this email out to the list (this may be different depending upon moderation levels) -  this will send the message out to the entire list

Spell check - there is no spell check in this system, but you can either:  use Firefox 2.  Firefox includes spellcheck in the browser, OR copy and paste your message from Microsoft Word, or any other program with a spell check.



The final screen gives verification that the e-mail has been sent.  It also lists all recipients of the mail.  The list owners, and the sender of the e-mail will always be recipients, but they may not appear on the list.


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