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Start an E-Mail List

When you start a mailing list you will be presented with the form below.  You can change any of this information at any time by going back to the main menu of the Mailing Lists, and clicking on the name of a mailing list that you own.  See below for an explanation of each section.


  • Mailing List Name: The name that will be used in all lists of Mailing Lists. 
  • List Subject Line: This will appear on the subject line of all e-mails sent out, identifying the e-mail as coming from the list.  This should be very short, and recognizable to members of the list.
  • Brief Description:  Used to show prospective members of the list what this list is about.
  • Who can join: This is your opportunity to set the privacy settings for this list.  Also, the checkbox below ('Applicants are only added after list owner authorization') allows you to take requests to be added to the list, but the person will not be added until you allow them to be.  If this is checked, you will need to go to the subscribers page to respond to requests.
  • Who can send: ONLY ANR affiliates can send messages to any list.  But, you can limit which affiliates are able to do so.  Also, if necessary, you can set the messages to go into a holding area before they are released by a list owner by clicking on the 'moderator' box.  If a message is pending, you will see a green 'Pending Message' notification on the main mailing lists page.
  • List owners:  Each list can have an unlimited number of owners.  All owners have equal and full rights.  Add owner emails in the field.  Owners must be ANR affiliates with Portal access. 

    The example below shows a list with 3 current owners, and two more (Jack and Jill) who will be added when the page is saved.




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