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What is a Fact Sheet?

A fact sheet is a brief overview on or compilation of ANR research on a specific problem or issue. When complete, a fact sheet is no more than 4 pages including photographs, charts, and illustrations. Text does not exceed 1,500 words. In some cases a companion web site is developed to provide additional information.

Recent examples of ANR Fact Sheets include:


A compilation of ANR research to inform growers and homeowners about what ANR is doing about ACP and greening disease. The printed Fact Sheet distributed to the citrus industry and a companion web site.  



Opportunities for co-management

Distributed to a very targeted audience of food producers and produce industry professionals.



A short report on common themes emerging from a series of conversations held in Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta communities about water issues.



An overview of ANR research on the issue of nitrates in groundwater. Produced in response to the UC Davis report:  Addressing Nitrate in California's Drinking Water. A printed Fact Sheet was distributed at media events and community discussion events; companion web site.


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