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Why am I getting a warning that your site is not secure?

A while back, we universally changed all of the web addresses (url) for UC ANR websites to “" to better reflect who we are in the University of California system and to eliminate confusion between ANR and UC Davis. 

The security settings on many web browsers will alert the user when the underlying “certificate” or base registration of a website does not match the domain name in the url for the website.  In the case of the ANR online catalog, the “certificate” for the catalog website is in the domain name “” but the published url for the catalog is    The url “points” to the website for most pages except the secure pages where you logs into your account and place orders.  If you enters our catalog website using the address, then move into a secure area by logging into your account or making a purchase, the alert is triggered.

In the case of the catalog, the problem is compounded, because the “handshake” between the catalog and our credit card processing vendor is secured via the the domain.  We’ve been working on this issue for some time now, but every time we make a change that we think will correct the alert problem, we incur another larger problem like individual product links breaking, or we break the handshake with the credit card processing vendor.

We are working on the problem.  In the meantime, be assured that our catalog website is completely safe and that we adhere to the highest PCI compliance standards required for credit card processing.

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