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How do I download my Kindle book

If you are having problems downloading our digital products to your Kindle device, first make sure that your device can read a .MOBI file.  Some of the newer Kindles are using a different file format and that may be the problem.

Depending on how you receive your .MOBI file from us (typically through a download link) you can send the file to your Kindle several ways. 

1) Send to Kindle by E-mail

2) Send to Kindle from your desktop

Instructions for PC users

Instructions for Mac users


Other tips:

  • For general help with your Kindle device – please go here
  • Amazon also has an FAQ for Kindle users
  • Our products do not have Digital Rights Management – so if the file format is correct for your device, you should be able to access the file.

If your product still doesn’t load, e-mail us at and we’ll go from there.

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