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Reading ebooks on Android Tablets & Phones

Required Software:

  • Adobe Digital Editions for PC/Mac. Download it for free here.
  • Aldiko app for Android. Get the free app at the Android Market.

Initial Setup:

  1. On your computer, authorize your Adobe Digital Editions with your e-mail address and password (your Adobe ID). If you don’t have an account yet, creating one is easy and required for downloading purchases to your computer and portable devices.  
  2. Download the free Aldiko app to your Android device and open it. Then authorize your Aldiko Reader app with the same Adobe ID as the one used to authorize your PC or Mac by choosing "Settings" and then "Adobe DRM" within the app.
    For more information about this helpful app, check out

 Transferring purchased files and reading Android devices:

  1. After you've purchased and downloaded an e-book file from the UCANR website, make sure that the file has appeared in Adobe Digital Editions on your PC or Mac. Close Adobe Digital Editions once the file appears in your "Library."
  1. Connect your Android device to your PC or Mac with a USB cable.
  1. Open a Windows Explorer window and locate the downloaded file in your Adobe Digital Editions library folder on your PC. It should be found in the "My Digital Editions" folder within the default "Documents" folder.
  1. Open another Windows Explorer window and find your Android device under "Computer." Then click it to view your device's files on your PC or Mac. Locate the "Digital Editions" folder.  Make sure you've chosen "Digital Editions," not ".adobe-digital-editions"
  1. Next, drag the downloaded e-book file from your "My Digital Editions" folder to the "Digital Editions" folder on your device.
  1. Once the file has been transferred successfully, disconnect your Android device from your PC to allow you to see SD card folders on your Android Device. Then open the Aldiko Book Reader app on your Android device and click the "Home" icon.
  2. Select "SD Card" and then choose the "Digital Editions" folder. Select the file you just uploaded from this folder.  The app will give you two options: you may either "Import" the file to place it onto your bookshelf or you can "Open" the file and start reading your e-book.

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