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Reading ebooks on PC & Mac

Required Software:

  • Adobe Digital Editions for PC/Mac. Download it free here

Initial Setup:

  1. All DRM-protected files must be opened and authorized through a program called Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). Click here to download it for free.
  2. Once you begin the "Launch" to download the Adobe Digital Editions software, follow the setup wizard instructions. If you encounter any issues with installation, see the help section provided on Adobe's website.
  3. The setup wizard will want you to activate your Adobe Digital Editions and authorize your computer with your e-mail address and password (your Adobe ID). If you don’t have an account yet, creating one is easy and required for downloading purchases to your computer and portable devices.  Important: Remember the e-mail address and password you submit as your Adobe ID to use for computer and device authorization later. 

Transferring purchased files and reading on your PC or Mac:

  1. After activating and authorizing your Adobe Digital Editions on your desktop, you are ready to read an e-book downloaded from UCANR's website.  Go to the page of the title you wish to download and select the file format (EPUB or PDF) you would like to read.  Adobe Digital Editions supports both file types and will allow you to read both EPUB and PDF on your PC or Mac.
  2. When you purchase and click "download,” a window will open and ask you which program you would like to use to open the file.  Click "Open with" and scroll to select "digitaleditions.exe" option.
  3. Click "OK". This will automatically download and open the file in your Adobe Digital Editions program. The e-book you've purchased can now be read and enjoyed on your PC or Mac.
  4. For viewing Kindle (.MOBI) files on your PC or Mac, download the free Kindle App from the iTunes store. After downloading simply double click your Kindle file and if the Kindle App doesn’t automatically open, right click the file and choose “Open With,” and then choose “Kindle.”

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