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I live outside the United States, can I place an order and how much will shipping, VAT, and Customs duty be?

We ship overseas to many, but not all countries.  If you are a new customer, it's a good idea to e-mail us first to make sure we are able to ship to your address.

If we ship to your address, our system will calculate shipping charges on your order. All orders are sent Duty Due on Delivery - which means you are responsible for paying duties and taxes before your order is released to you.

  • Purchases that are transported across international borders are subject to a customs duty, which is a tariff or tax.
  • Each country has its own customs laws and the duties for different types of goods and values are set locally
  • When goods are not shipped domestically (within your country) or within a single customs union, such as the European Union, you are liable to pay any inbound duties and taxes which your local customs authority deems appropriate.
  • These duties and taxes are not included in the price of the publications are not included in the overall shipping costs you pay at checkout.



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