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Here are some things to consider when choosing the communication tool for your next project:

  • Public/Private - Do you need the system to require password authentication, or can it be accessed by anyone on the internet?
  • Members/Admins - Does the system need to support multiple contributors and content managers? Does it need to have support for membership or non-administrator users?
  • Document Handling - Do you need to upload and/or store files to the system?
  • Sustainability - Do you have a short or long-term project?

How to contact us:

Please submit a request to the ANR IT Help system by clicking here

Communication Tool Document Handling Sustainability
Site Builder
Web site building application used by county offices and hosting more than 400 other sites. Supports multi-page layouts, an automated events calendar, newsletters, and ties into many of our other tools. Site Builder sites are public, and available to everyone
Large file library Long term projects
Allow the user to setup a list of questions, tailored to their target audience. Surveys can be simple questions to your audience, or more detailed registration forms. You can also accept credit card payments with this system. Surveys can either be private or open to the public.
No file library Short to long term projects
Collaborative Tools
Discussion tool used primarily for internal projects and collaborative efforts with non-ANR users. Features discussion management tools, email alerts and roster list creation tools. Collaborative Tools is private, restricted to members only.
Small to medium file library Short to long projects
Allow you to keep an interactive online journal, either allowing public commentary or accessible for posts by author only. Useful for news items, personal stories, reports on daily life, personal hobbies or interests, or even as simple as listing directions for anything of interest. Blogs are open to the public.
Limited to Posts Long-term reporting
Mailing Lists
ANR's internal mailing list system allows you to create lists quickly by searching through the ANR directory. You can share list management privileges, making this a good replacement for listserv and listproc. The mailing list is available to internal users only.
Limited Short to long-term list managment


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