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What if I can't find an image I need in the ANR Repository?


Not all of our publication images are in the Repository yet and because they number in the tens of thousands, it will take a while. Many years ago we recognized that the situation of limited resources does not serve the our clientele best so we implemented the practice of immediately fulfilling ALL requests for CSIT materials from ANR academics and staff. For instance, if you contact our digital media librarian by email with a detailed list of the images you are looking for, she will gather the materials from the publication not yet in digital form and will scan them specifically for you. The are then sent via File Vault directly to you, usually within 48 hours. Those image files would have then immediately been added to the Repository for use by everyone. The Feedback form on the site can also be used for this purpose.

This service only exists for UCANR academics and staff, not the general public. 

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