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What types of video production does Communication Services offer?


Television production falls into 4 broad categories

  • Captures--taping events that are taking place on or around campuses, or university research sites. This includes faculty and guest speakers, public outreach lectures, panels and symposia. These programs are usually taped with 1 or 2 cameras. Often the speakers use visual aids such as slides, PowerPoint or video and require modest editing before distribution. Usually shot and edited in the same month.
  • Studio productions--panels, lectures, and interviews that are recorded in a studio or other controlled location and require little editing. Usually shot and edited in the same month.
  • Documentary--programs incorporating interviews, visual materials, voice over and music. These programs are complex, require more shooting, writing, and editing and take longer to produce--typically 2-3 months.
  • How-To-- a detailed program teaching a specific technique or subject in 20 to 30 minutes. If peer reviewed and distributed via the ANR Catalog, these highly technical projects usually take at least 6 months.

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documentary, music, recording events, recording lectures, studio productions, TV production, video, voice over

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