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Graphic design, editing and video requests

How to request design, editing, video and other production services

UC ANR Publications and Strategic Communications staff ensure that your graphic design, editing, writing, video production and still photography are professionally produced, attractive and appropriately branded. If you need a large or small project done in these creative and related areas, please fill out the short survey below. Your response will be quickly routed to a professional who will contact you about your project. Please note:

  • Unless you provide it on this survey, at this consultation we will also ask for an account number with which to recharge our time for producing any materials that promote UC ANR its programs. No recharges will be made without your approval.

  • Many projects will necessitate a consultation meeting or discussion so we can gather all details needed to provide an accurate timeline and cost estimate. This initial meeting will be uncharged.

  • Projects will be completed by in-house staff or external vendors based on organizational priorities and existing workload.

  • Please provide as much lead time as possible for your request; we have multiple projects in production at all times but will do our best to accommodate your needs.

  • This request process is not for UC ANR peer-reviewed publications or California Agriculture journal, which go through peer review and other processes.

Contact Director of Publishing Rachel Lee with any questions.

Hourly recharge rates (fiscal year 2022-2023)
Editing and editorial project management: $89.52
Graphic design and illustration: $83.46
Video, editing and voice-over services: $75.07

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