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Promotional 1-page Flyers

You can print copies of these flyers to promote publications of interest to your audience:


Promotional 1-Page Flyers

Acrobat PDF versions of promotional flyers

Issue Articles Type Date Added
Home Orchard (1,329KB)

1-page color flyer.

PDF 3/9/17
IPM for Citrus, 3rd Edition (1,289KB)

Newly Revised IPM for Citrus Manual, 1-page color flyer

PDF 3/9/12
IPM for Strawberries, 2nd Edition (962KB)

2-page color flyer. Page 1 flyer. Page 2 Table of Contents.

PDF 3/9/17
IPM in Practice, Second Edition (high res) (1,012KB)

High res flyer for printing, IPM in Practice, Second Edition

PDF 9/12/12
Organic Strawberry Production Manual (225KB)

1-page color flyer, low-res, (publication 3531)

PDF 6/6/12
Organic Vegetable Production Manual (607KB)

1-page color flyer

PDF 10/24/11
Organic Winegrowing Manual (1,260KB)

1-page color flyer

PDF 3/9/17
Pest Notes Flyer (color) (90KB)

Color version of new Pest Notes flyer. Alpha listing of all Pest Notes, updated regularly. Updated 12/15. To create a black-and-white version, please print this document in black-and-white.

PDF 12/31/15
Toddler Express: Newsletters for You and Your Toddler (752KB)

1-page color flyer, low-res

PDF 6/6/12
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