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Communication Services & Information Technology

Information Technology

ANR Information Technology is the combination of two groups:  

  • The Web Development Team is a group of programmers who create and maintain all of the applications available via the ANR Portal.
  • The IT Infrastructure (ITI) supports the Division with networking, server administration and desktop support.

Information Technology Blog

  • Clean Up the Clutter of Your Site Builder Site

    Added April 13, 2023

    IWP is coming and everyone with a Site Builder website can help us out by getting rid of unused or deactivated pages and assets, deleted pages, and unused files and images. There is a significant overhead for the servers to keep track of the...

  • New Zoom Rooms!

    Added March 17, 2023

    UC ANR has new Zoom Rooms with new monitors, speakers, cameras and Zoom Room Controllers (Tablets).  You can find the Zoom Rooms at the UC ANR building on 2nd Street in Davis. Zoom Rooms: San Joaquin Valley Room - Large Meeting Room...

  • Google Analytics 4 is Here!

    Added March 1, 2023
    Google Analytics 4 Logo

      By popular demand, Google Analytics 4 is up and running for Site Builder!  Sign up and Create a Google Analytics 4 Account, and then Create a GA4 Property for your site. Once you have a Google Analytics 4...

  • Naming Conventions for the Internet

    Added February 23, 2023
    Naming Conventions

    Naming Assets When naming assets such as files, pages, directories and images for the Internet, it's important to use names that are both descriptive and easy to understand. This makes it easier for both humans and search engines to understand what...

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