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Multifactor Authentication



Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is a new security requirement for accessing UC systems.

Depending on how they access their email, users will need to follow new authentication procedures. DUO is the MFA security technology being implemented at UC ANR, UC Davis and many other campuses.

If you access your UC ANR email through:

Physical Tokens for Duo MFA

The preferred method for accessing Due MFA is via a smartphone or a landline.  If either of these options are not viable, then a token can be purchased through AggieBuy at a cost of $29.99 per token.  Units will be responsible for the cost (this is an allowable expense for Program Support Funds).

Search for either the part# or the keyword on Aggie Buy

  1. Part# 2046355
  2. Keyword: Duo Security Token

Departmental Accounts

At this time Duo is not required for Departmental Accounts.

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